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Support Agricultural Education 

First established in 1969, alumni and booster programs provide parents, former members and those with a vested interest in agriculture and youth development with opportunities to assist with raising funds, recruitment, coordinating events and supporting FFA programs.

An individual does not need to have worn the blue jacket to join the Alumni and support Agricultural Education. FFA relies on members of Alumni programs for help with recruiting students and raising funds for chapter activities and scholarships. FFA Alumni also assist at local FFA events, contests and conferences, the California FFA Conference and other personal development programs.

The Alumni Association and Boosters programs support and advocate for Ag Education and FFA through gifts of: Time, Talent, and Financial Resources.

Alumni affiliates play a key role in today’s Agricultural Education community. An effective FFA Alumni affiliate of strong volunteers will allow teachers to "take the reins" in their classroom and allow their supporters to be charged with fundraising, advocacy and more. Affiliates reduce the workload, provide valuable resources and give Agricultural Education programs much needed guidance and support.

With the increased diversity of agricultural education programs, it is becoming more difficult for advisors/teachers to keep up with all the additional activities. Former FFA members and interested adults are a natural resource of help and support. Focus is on new technology in agriculture and agribusiness, therefore it is important to involve all types of people in your community. 

Alumni Board 

The California FFA Alumni Council is composed of four board officers and a consultant/advisor. 

For information regarding the members of the Foundation Board of Directors, please see the accordion below.

FFA Alumni Council
FFA Alumni Council

Working with the National FFA Alumni Association, the California FFA Alumni strives to implement alumni groups in each of California's local FFA programs. 

Travis Cardoso   President   Turlock, CA
Ellie Michel   Vice President   Davis, CA
Colleen Lawson   Secretary   Elk Grove, CA
Jessica Forster   Treasurer   Elk Grove, CA
Hugh Mooney   Alumni Advisor   Elk Grove, CA

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Agricultural education strives to maintain its status on the cutting-edge of rigorous classroom instruction, relevant skill acquisition and premier leadership development. Check out the expansive and evolving catalog of resources to generate new ideas, enhance curriculum delivery skills or identify new ways to engage in FFA and SAE activities.


Beginning in the early 20th century in California, agricultural education has a long tradition of preparing students for rigorous, satisfying careers both within and outside of the industry. As a school-based learning program, agricultural education operates as a unit within the California Department of Education and is written into the state’s legislative education code.


Rich in history with an eye toward the future, California’s school-based agricultural education program seeks to prepare all students for satisfying careers in and outside of the agriculture industry. The multi-faceted approach to growing the whole person includes a focus on character and interpersonal skill development, technical acumen and critical thinking capabilities.



From personal growth to career skill enhancement, the focus of California’s agricultural education events is always on the experiential development of the student. With activities ranging from local to national, the statewide organization offers a number of premier events each year that are suited to best meet the interests of an ever-diversifying student population.


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Support Agricultural Leadership, Growth and Career Education

The mission of the California FFA Foundation is to promote, aid, and assist, financially or otherwise, California FFA to ensure the success of Agricultural Education by preparing tomorrow's agricultural leaders, today.




California FFA Foundation’s goal is to provide individuals, businesses, foundations, and others the opportunity to invest in the premier secondary Agricultural Education leadership development program in California: FFA. The Foundation provides award recognition for student projects, competitive team events, leadership development events, as well as leadership training conferences.