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Livestock Insurance Program
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General Information      
The California FFA Livestock insurance application is to be used for all market livestock (see chart below for specific animal types) insured under the insurance program. All livestock regardless of type can be recorded on the same form. Livestock insured under this program will be covered for mortality losses resulting from disease or accidental injury only. Insurance is provided by The Hartford Fire Insurance Company. This program is only open to current California FFA Members.

When completing Section II of the application for insurance for your student's project animals please use the information on the chart above. All animals may be insured for the initial purchase amount of not less than the minimum, or more than the maximum, specified for the type of animal being insured. For all livestock types, cumulative increase of 10% of the initial purchase price/insured value will be applied for each of the first 5 months for no additional premium charge. For example: a replacement heifer or a steer purchased for $1,500 will be covered for $1,500 during the first month, $1,600 in the second month, $1,700 the third month etc. up to a total of $2,000 in months six through twelve. For swine, sheep, goats, and baby beef purchased for an example, amount of $200 they will be covered for $200 during the first month, $220 in the second month, $240 the third month etc. up to a total of $300 in month six. 

Submitting Claim Forms      

For Market Beef & Replacement Heifers:

In the event of Death of a “Covered Animal,” you must have a licensed veterinarian perform an autopsy as soon as possible to determine the cause of Death and provide the insurance company with a report along with the claim form. You must pay for this examination.

The policy requires that a necropsy be done on the market beef and replacement heifers to determine cause of death and to provide identification of the dead animal so we can verify coverage on the animal and if the cause of death is a covered cause.  Without the necropsy we cannot determine if the animal was insured or if the cause of death is a covered cause.

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