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Getting Ready for MFE
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Preparing for MFE      
The 2018 MFE facilitation team, Matt, Kyler, Aalexias, Devin, Kyle and Orrin, are looking for sophomores in FFA to join us at Made For Excellence on an adventure looking for the hidden treasure. On this adventure we will explore leadership, integrity, strengths, opportunities and goals as we develop ourselves personally as leaders in agriculture.

The most courageous, powerful and wise leaders come prepared. 

Arrive to MFE knowing your top five StrengthsFinder themes.

If you are like most people, when asked about your strengths, you probably respond by describing a specific skill or a successful project you were a part of. These are not your strengths. Your strengths are a combination of your talents (or natural born abilities) and your acquired knowledge (learned information and developed skills). Talents are those raw ingredients born into each one of us - the natural ways you think, feel, and act. Adding to talent is knowledge. Knowledge brings facts and experience to inform how you use your talents and skills that add discipline and guidance for you to repeatedly perform strengths. The key is to operate from your strengths by using your natural talents, building and applying knowledge, and executing with skill every day.

Determine your Strengths: StrengthsFinder 2.0
View the complete list of all thirty-four themes to self assess your themes. To dive deeper, use scratch paper to rank each strength on a scale of one to five if it sounds like it describes you as a person. Use that list to narrow down the top five strengths that describe you. [Complete List of 34-Themes]

If you have taken the StrengthsFinder assessment from Gallup or already know your top five strengths, you may skip this step. [Optional/ Not Required: Take the StrengthFinder assessment for $15.00]

Check for Understanding
View the following PDF files and YouTube videos to learn more about each of the strengths you felt described you well and ensure they are each the best fit.

Achiever (PDF / Video)  |  Activator (PDF / Video)  |  Adaptability (PDFVideo)
Analytical (PDFVideo)  |  Arranger (PDFVideo)  |  Belief (PDFVideo)
Command (PDFVideo)  |  Communication (PDFVideo)  |  Competition (PDFVideo)
Connectedness (PDFVideo)  |  Consistency (PDFVideo  |  Context (PDFVideo)
Deliberative (PDFVideo)  |  Developer (PDFVideo)  |  Discipline (PDFVideo
Empathy (PDFVideo)  |  Focus (PDFVideo)  |  Futuristic (PDFVideo)
Harmony (PDFVideo)  |  Ideation (PDFVideo)  |  Includer (PDFVideo)
Individualization (PDFVideo)  |  Input (PDFVideo)  |  Intellection (PDFVideo)
Learner (PDFVideo)  |  Maximizer (PDFVideo)  |  Positivity (PDFVideo)
Relator (PDFVideo)  |  Responsibility (PDFVideo)  |  Restorative (PDFVideo)
Self Assurance (PDFVideo)  |  Significance (PDFVideo)
Strategic (PDFVideo)  |  Woo (PDFVideo)

Next Step      
Now that you have identified your top 5 Strengths, fill in the tool below by capturing down your top 5 Strengths and answering questions about each. Then print it out and bring it with you to MFE. This will ensure you are ready to embark on a new expedition of self-discovery. Adventure awaits! See you there!   

My Top 5 Strengths (doc)           My Top 5 Strengths (pdf) 

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