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Getting Ready for MFE
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Preparing for MFE      
The 2020 MFE facilitation team, Carlyn, David and Miriam are looking for sophomores in FFA to join them at Made For Excellence on a grand adventure. During this exploration of leadership truths, we will explore core values, integrity, empathy, vulnerability and agricultures message as we develop ourselves in order to influence others as leaders in agriculture.

The most influential leaders come prepared. 

Arrive to MFE knowing your personality from the 16personalities.

Based on Jung's theory of psychological types; introversion and extraversion and the personality indicators used by Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the 16Personalities pin points an individuals personality with 'freakish accuracy.' After taking a quick agree or disagree test, an individual is given a 5 letter personality code that correlates to a specific personality that allows the individual to explore how they react in different situations based on 5 categories: Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics and Identity.

Determine your Personality: Take the test here

Check for Understanding
After taking the test print out your results. While reading through what your personality type says about you, highlight the areas and sentences that you feel like really describe who you are. Then bring this with you to MFE. While at MFE we will use this as a guide during the first part of the conference. 

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  2017 MFE

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Pre-Conference Activities
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