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State Officers On The Go    

The title couldn’t say it any better...the state officers have definitely been “on the go” since the last issue of New Horizons! Since mid-June when we first moved in, we have been on numerous adventures-all of which tie back to our theme for the year: Illuminate. This year, our team strives to shine a light on the “me, we, and industry” aspects of our association. Some of the experiences we have had thus far include trainings and conferences like BLAST Off (Building Leaders and State Teams of Officers), NLCSO (National Leadership Conference for State Officers), in Bryce Canyon, Utah, and ROLC (Regional Officer Leadership Conference). We also have met many sectional and chapter leaders at SOLC’s and COLC’s. At these,we have enjoyed learning about the different regions in our state and the members within them. However, during this portion of our year in state office, we feel extremely blessed to be given the unique opportunity to focus on illuminating the agricultural industry.

 We have gone on many tours, where we see all areas of agriculture first-hand. During these tours, we strive to learn more about agriculture so that we can become well-rounded advocates for the industry. We hope to build relationships with industry leaders, as well as broaden our knowledge on all aspects of agriculture. Although we went on many amazing tours, some of our favorites consisted of touring Bayer CropScience, Full Belly Farms, as well as Central Valley Meats, Inc. Each gave us a unique and different insight.

At Bayer CropScience in West Sacramento, CA, our team was amazed by how much research and technology is behind plant disease prevention and recovery. Even before crops are planted, scientists at Bayer CropScience are constantly looking forward into the future, in hopes of providing a sustainable world. Besides this, we were able to see just how much Bayer CropScience cares about agriculture. It is said that Bayer CropScience has “the head of the scientist with the heart of a farmer.” During our visit with Full Belly Farms, we were able to see the true journey from farm to fork. On their 400-acre farm, Full Belly Farms grows over 400 different varieties of organic crops. Here, we were able to milk a cow by hand and drink the milk raw. We collected eggs from laying hens that we later consumed for breakfast, and pick the fruits and vegetables that we cooked for dinner that night. During this tour, we were enlightened on the farm’s educational program that connects students to agriculture through weeklong summer camps. What is awesome about this educational component is that the camp stemmed from an SAE project years ago! On the other spectrum of things, we were able to tour Central Valley Meats, Inc., a harvesting facility for dairy and beef cattle. This gave us an appreciation for the amount of labor that goes into agriculture- from the cattle rancher to the processor! Central Valley Meats, Inc. harvests meats for many companies, including In-N-Out. It was interesting to see the behind the scenes work that goes into California’s favorite hamburger. Through each experience, we became extremely grateful for the bountiful and diverse state we live in. We hope to illuminate the agriculture industry and inspire the chapters within our associations to do the same. We hope to bring the knowledge we have gained from industry tours into our next adventures as officers chapter visits! 

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