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CA FFA Leadership Convention Terms & Conditions      
Emergency Medical/Rules – Forms will only be collected for Official Voting Delegates, State Officer Candidates, and Nominating Committee Members. Advisors will be expected to agree to the following statement.

Liability Waiver – The California Department of Education & the California Association of FFA is not directly responsible for students, advisors or chaperones attending events sanctioned by the state association. Local school districts and designated advisors/chaperones are responsible for the oversight and management of themselves and their students. Local management also includes securing proper insurance and medical waivers as designated by a chapter’s local school board.

Multimedia Recording and Usage Policy – The California Department of Education & The California Association of FFA staff and its designees may capture photos, video and other recordings of participants before, during and after events at events sanctioned by the state association. Please be aware that all recorded media may be used by the California Association of FFA in future print materials, online materials (including FFA websites and official social media accounts) signage, slideshows, podcasts, videos and other uses in physical and digital forms. Attendance at events sanctioned by the state association implies your consent to be photographed, videotaped and otherwise recorded for these purposes.

Food Allergies Disclaimer – Events sanctioned by the California Department of Education & the California Association of FFA are activities that bring thousands of participants together in a number of activities and conferences throughout the state of California, under the supervision of their local school districts via their advisors and chaperones. All individuals with food allergies are responsible for taking necessary precautions to protect their health. Due to the nature and location of various activities, the California Association of FFA cannot provide accommodations for food allergies or be held accountable for issues arising from food allergies.

Financial Liability - Substitutions will be allowed provided all necessary forms have been submitted. Based on your registration, we commit to legal contracts for meals, materials, and facilities. Therefore, once you register online it is considered final and your chapter is financially liable.

General Safety Tips      
Collect parental consent forms and emergency contact forms from students. Bring these forms with you to the FFA convention.

Take a digital photo of each student traveling with you to the FFA convention and carry them on a memory stick or flash drive. In the unlikely event that a student becomes lost, the photos will help convention staff and local authorities to locate him or her.

Hotel Safety      
1. Read the emergency instructions on the back of your hotel room door. Familiarize yourself with the fire escape route.
2. Count the number of doors between your room and the nearest exit.
3. Do not leave your door open and always use the dead bolt.
4. Do not open your hotel door to anyone you don’t personally know. Call the front desk to verify hotel staff, security guards and others requesting entrance to your room.
5. If you encounter questionable individuals, report them to the front desk.
6. Do not leave valuables out in the open. Many hotels provide lock boxes for your security.
7. Keep your room key with you at all times.

Parking Safety      
1. Always lock your car and/or van doors.
2. Do not leave valuables in view inside the car or van.
3. Make sure that your parking pass is clearly visible to the parking attendant.
4. If you must lock valuables in your vehicle, hide them in the vehicle before you arrive at the parking lot/garage.


State Convention
Each April, 5,000+ FFA members and guests gather to engage in general sessions, educational leadership workshops, a career show and delegate sessions to accomplish the business of the CA FFA Association.

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