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Greenhand Leadership Conference (GLC)      
ME: Student Development, Personal Growth
For Freshmen; One Day Event
30 Conferences held in late September and October
*For 2020 these will be held as online, In The Classroom events - GLC^ITC

Personal development starts with the individual. Through self-discovery of talents, strengths, interests and personal characteristics, students begin their journey down the road to uncovering their life's passion. Through GLC ^ITC, students will be emerged in the Who, Why, What, Where, How and Impact they can experience in Agricultural Education. This conference focuses on "ME: one's personal skills and development of the ability to be successful."

Made for Excellence (MFE)      
WE: Student Development, Personal Growth
For Sophomores; Two Day Event, 8 Conferences held in January and February
*For 2021 these conferences will be held online 

Once an individual knows who they are and the core values that guide their life choices, they then can start to branch out and build meaningful relationships with others. MFE is all about a student understanding who they are and how they can build trust, show vulnerability and give empathy in order to develop relationships to ultimately influence those around them. This conference is about "WE: knowing that leadership starts by first believing in ourselves in order to build our confidence to serve others."      

Advanced Leadership Academy (ALA)      
DO: Chapter Development, Leadership Development
For Juniors; Two Day Event, 8 Conferences held in January and February
*For 2021 these conferences will be held online

Once a leader is comfortable with who they are and their self-purpose, they can discover how to work with others and accomplish a shared goal. Students discover how to be teams of innovative leaders through the process of analyzing program needs and improving a project or event held by their chapter. This conference is about "DO: the individual leader, their relationships with others and how to enact change within their chapters and communities."

Sacramento Leadership Experience (SLE)      
Community Development, Personal Growth
For Seniors; Four Day Event, 1 Conference held in February

Students step into the role of one of California's State legislators, are assigned a specific California district and spend four days in Sacramento. SLE is all about the role of government, agricultural policy and advocacy.

Washington Leadership Conference (WLC)      
Community Development, Personal Growth
For All Members; Five Day Event, 7 Conferences held in June and July in Washington D.C.

FFA members leave WLC with the knowledge and the confidence to act in ways that help their schools, community, and their country. This conference focuses on Community Development and SERVE: the ability to grow and develop others and serve your community.”

Sectional Leadership Nights      
For chapters to remotely engage with regional and state leadership

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Agricultural Education prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resource systems.

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