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Chapter FFA Degree
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The California FFA Association Constitution outlines minimum qualifications for receiving the Chapter FFA Degree. The chapter FFA degree is awarded at the chapter level.


Section C. Chapter FFA Degree: On meeting the following minimum qualifications, the Chapter FFA Degree may be conferred by the chapter:

Must have held the degree of Greenhand for at least one complete semester of instruction and have a record of satisfactory participation in the activities of the local chapter.
  • It shall be understood that conformance with the provisions of this article precludes a member from receiving both the Greenhand FFA and Chapter FFA Degrees during the same academic year.
  • Must have satisfactorily completed at least one year of systematic instruction in agriculture education, at or above the ninth grade level, have in operation an approved supervised farming and/or other supervised agricultural experience program, have developed plans for continued growth and improvement in a supervised farming and/or other supervised agricultural experience program, and be regularly enrolled in an agriculture education class.
  • Be familiar with the purposes and programs of activities of the state association and national organization.
  • Be familiar with the provisions of the constitution of the local chapter.
  • Be familiar with Parliamentary Procedure.
  • Must have led a group discussion for fifteen minutes.
  • Must have earned at least $150 by his/her own efforts from his/her supervised farming and/or other supervised agricultural experience program, and have it productively invested or deposited in a bank, or have worked 100 hours on his/her SOEP in excess of scheduled class time.
  • Have a 2.0 scholastic record in an agricultural course.
  • Participate in activities for community improvement as evidenced by participating in at least two distinctly different activities, to the extent of spending at least 10 hours of personal time, which you seek to serve and/or improve the quality of life in the local community.

      How to Apply
    Contact your FFA advisor for more information about the Chapter FFA Degree.

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