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Career & Leadership Development Events (CDE/LDE)
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2020 Results      
NameDate AddedSize
Ag Pest Control 6/1/2020 126 KB
Agronomy Individual Results 5/28/2020 22 KB
Agronomy Top Five Results 5/28/2020 104 KB
Computer Applications 5/28/2020 132 KB
Cooperative Marketing 6/15/2020 19 KB
Creed Recitation 6/10/2020 13 KB
Extemporaneous Public Speaking 6/22/2020 13 KB
Farm Records AET 6/22/2020 19 KB
Floriculture 6/10/2020 228 KB
Forestry Individual Results 6/29/2020 190 KB
Forestry Top Five 7/1/2020 14 KB
Grapevine Judging 6/29/2020 140 KB
Impromptu Public Speaking 6/29/2020 15 KB
Light Horse Individual Results Updated 6/23/2020 20 KB
Light Horse Top Five Updated 6/23/2020 15 KB
Livestock Evaluation Individual Results 6/22/2020 48 KB
Livestock Evaluation Top Five 6/22/2020 15 KB
Nursery Landscape 6/15/2020 17 KB
Prepard Public Speaking 7/7/2020 13 KB
Vegetable Crops Individual Results 6/1/2020 125 KB
Vegetable Crops Top Five 6/1/2020 61 KB

2020 Calendar      

LDE/CDE Calendar 2020
For details on specific events, visit

July 8               Best Informed Greenhand State Finals
July 8              Job Interview State Finals
July 8-9           Ag Mechanics State Finals
July 9               Marketing Plan State Finals
July 11             Ag Sales State Finals
July 16             Fruit Tree Judging State Finals
July 17             Ag Issues State Finals
July 25             Dairy Cattle Evaluation State Finals
July 27            Prepared State Finals
August 4         Novice Parli Pro State Finals
August 5         Advanced Parli Pro State Finals

Each Monday at 5:00pm an Award Celebration will be held live through our social media platforms announcing the top five individual and top five teams in completed events.

July 13             Ag Mechanics, Ag Sales, BIG, Farm Business, Job interview & Marketing Plan
July 20             Ag Issues & Fruit Tree Judging
July 27             Dairy Cattle Evaluation
August 3          NO AWARD CEREMONY
August 10        Advance Parli Pro & Novice Parli Pro

In California, there are 34 career development events (CDEs) and 7 leadership development events (LDEs). Some events allow students to compete as individuals, while others requite students to work together in a team.

Our Mission
Agricultural Education prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resource systems.

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