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Agricultural Sales
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About the Agricultural Sales CDE      

The purpose of the Agriculture Sales Career Development Event is to provide an individual with the basic skills to take advantage of the career opportunities offered in the agricultural sales field.  Sales are an essential part of a market economy.  Agricultural products benefit from sales skills, both for inputs for production and the marketing of the products.


The objective is to develop the skill sets necessary to be successful in sales. These would include the following:

  1. Communication Skills
    1. Verbal Communication.
    2. Written Communication.
    3. Interactive Communication - to be able to listen and question in order to gather information.
  2. Product Knowledge
    1. Features and benefits of a product.
    2. Identifying potential customer objections.
    3. Knowledge of proper product use.
  3. Sales Process
    1. Identifying prospective customers through marketing data.
    2. Developing an approach that introduces your product to your prospective customer.
    3. Develop a sales call that determines and addresses customer’s needs and objections.
    4. Attempt trial closes to confirm customer interest.
    5. Understand the basic business structure necessary to sell and deliver a product.
    6. Attempt to close the sale by asking the customer to make a buying decision.
  4. Maintaining Customers
    1. Establish and build customer confidence in you and your product.
    2. Address customer complaints including:
      1. Defective merchandise.
      2. Maintain customer contact and place additional orders for sales.
      3. Review product performance.

Four participants per team. All four team members’ scores count for team total.

This contest is sponsored by Judy Gregg as a special project of the California FFA Foundation.



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