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Upcoming Events

12-13     SC SOLC
15           GLC – Colusa
16           GLC – Colusa
17           GLC – Colusa
21           GLC – Modesto
21           State FFA Exec Comm
21           State FFA Advisory Comm
22           Nat. Conv. Delegate Trng
22           GLC – Modesto
23           GLC – Modesto
24           GLC – Modesto
24           GLC – Petaluma
24           Madera Cotton Contest
25           GLC – Modesto
25           NC Region COLC
26            NC Region CATA Mtg
25-26     South Region CATA Metg
28           State FFA Adult Board Mtg

Advisor Update - Revised 9/29/15



_____________________NEW BUSINESS___________________

THE AET Recordbook Resources

Last week we shared a NEW online recordbook resource - AET. We have received a few questions regarding the transfer of a students past records into AET. Below are couple tips to helping your students get started.
1. AET Guide for Entering Students Past Records
2. Teachers who would like more updates from AET should consider setting their profile up. Once you profile is set-up you will begin receiving update newslettersf from AET containing additional class resources and guides.


2015 SAE Grant Application

The 2015 SAE grant application cycle is NOW OPEN through November 16th.  One-hundred and forty-five $1,000 grants are available to underclassmen FFA members interested in launching an entrepreneurial or research SAE in one of the pathway areas.

How to Apply?

The 2015 SAE Grant application is available Sept. 1 - Nov. 16. The application is located in the toolbox or at the SAE Grant Application link below.  To access the toolbox, click open your dashboard at the top of the page and click on the link that says "My Toolbox," and click on SAE Grant Application.

SAE Grant Application

Learn more at:


National FFA - Food For All Grants!!

 National FFA Food For All grants are now open and accepting applications through November 23rd.  These grants are for chapters to apply for up to $2,500 for year-long service-learning projects that address local hunger needs.  Learn more and get started on an application at:

Optional webinars to explain the grant process and offer best practices will be offered on:

  • October 14th 3:30 EDT
  • October 14th 6:30 EDT
  • November 11 3:30 EDT
  • November 11th 6:30 EDT
  • November 17th 12:00 EDT


Corcoran FFA Cotton Contest

Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 17, 2015 for the Annual Corcoran FFA Cotton Contest. The contest will begin at 8:30 a.m. sharp at the Corcoran High School Campus in the Technology Learning Center on the corner of Whitley and Dairy streets.

There will be a written test, four judging classes as well as four sets of reasons.  Lunch will be provided for coaches and contestants for $10 dollars per team. Coffee and donuts will be available for coaches.

Please REGISTER YOUR TEAM(s) NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 14th. YOU WILL BE ALLOWED AN “A” AND UNLIMITED “B” TEAMs. If you have any questions, please contact the Miss KayDe Naylon at (970) 799-3253 or email

To register please email Miss KayDe Naylon with the following information:

  1. School Name
  2. # of Participants
  3. Advisor Name
  4. Advisor Email
  5. Phone #
  6. List name of team members


Native American Youth in Ag Essay Contest

The Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC) announces the 2015 INDIAN AG YOUTH ALLIANCE ESSAY CONTEST & CONFERENCE. The contest is open to Native American Youth enrolled in a Federally Recognized Tribe or descendants living on Indian owned land and entering grades 9-12 during the 2015-2016 school-year.

Essay contest winners will be eligible for funded travel and associated expenses to the 2015 Intertribal Ag Council annual meeting in Las Vegas, December 6-11 including a stipend for an accompanying adult.

This is a great opportunity for Native American youth in agriculture education. The deadline for submissions is 4pm (MST) on November 1, 2015. Please encourage all eligible youth to enter. Interested students should visit the IAC youth page for additional information.

For more information, contact Verna Billedeaux at (406) 338-2650/(406) 450-8107, Janie Simms-Hipp at (479) 409-9125 or Donita Fischer (605) 964-8320.



___________________OLD BUSINESS___________________


NEW SAE Recordbook Intructional Tool Available

Dear California Teachers,

We are excited to offer a brand new instructional tool to assist with the management of your student’s SAE projects. The AET is an online record book and chapter management system that is now being offered as an optional record book tool for you to take advantage of. Chapters may continue using the hardcopy book or I record book however we encourage you take a look at The AET because it may provide a variety of SAE resources the other platforms currently don’t provide.

At The AET, they believe keeping complete records is both educational and a function of good recordkeeping. They have instructional guides to help students develop their SAE plans, make entries and even catch up previous year’s data!

A few additional highlights of AET include:

  •  THE AET designed both the National Proficiency and American Degree applications, therefore students’ records in THE AET will automatically populate those award applications.
  • THE AET is currently developing a process to populate our State Degree application.
  • THE AET contains SAE Explore resources, SAE grading rubrics, record book quizzes, and other classroom instructional resources.
  • THE AET provides video tutorials and how to guides to help both teachers and students get started.

How to Get Started:

  1. Informational Letter
  2. Teachers' Getting Started Guide
  3. How to Set-up and SAE Guide
  4. Student's Getting Started Handout


#SpeakAg Challenge

The National FFA Officers are asking the nation to engage in their #SpeakAg challenge. National FFA is offering 4-$1,000 rewards to teachers across the country (1 winner per FFA region) who submit an e-mail with the information below. This is intended to be very straight-forward and not require much additional work from busy teachers. The following includes the direct link to our site:

Teacher Incentive

Agricultural teachers/FFA advisors play an integral role in empowering students to advocate for agriculture and FFA. The #SpeakAg Challenge is often promoted in the classroom and a generous sponsor wants to provide incentive for agricultural teachers/FFA advisors to use #SpeakAg as a catalyst to teach skills in agriculture advocacy.

What’s at stake?

One teacher and FFA Advisor from each national FFA region will be awarded a $1,000 unrestricted grant.

How can agricultural teachers/FFA advisors participate?

This is indeed a competition. The winning teacher or FFA Advisor will have the highest percentage of their rostered FFA members participate in the #SpeakAg Challenge. (rules and guidelines outlined on the homepage of

All of the student submissions are tracked by the National FFA Organization, but all teachers who wish to participate are required to send an email to

This email must include:

1.           Advisor name

2.           FFA Chapter

3.           Day time phone number

4.           FFA Chapter physical address

5.           In no more than 250 words a statement on, “It is important to teach my ag students about advocacy because…?”


CATA "Vision2030" Website

CATA Members,
We have created a NEW website for "Vision2030" and the site address is Please save the link as one of your "favorites" as it will serve as the primary information/resource hub pertaining to Vision 2030.
Here is the latest update regarding Vision 2030:
#1 - Please take the time to visit the new website ( 
#2 - The next/current phase that is ongoing pertains to assessing the information from the past summer's survey (data/info located in the Fall 2015 Vision 2030 Report) and identifying action plans, solutions, and/or ideas to address the concerns/issues/needs addressed in the survey. This is where YOUR input is needed and required. This is YOUR opportunity to come up with ideas, action plans, solutions, etc... for the Vision 2030 leaders, committees, and individuals to work on. The effort put forward results in increased efficiency and maximized productivity within our profession.
#3 - If you take a look on the main page of the website, you will see "Regional Action Plan Submission Link" with buttons tabbed for each region. Everyone has access to the buttons, however only the regional officers of that particular region have access to edit, add, revise, etc... the submission forms. The goal/objective is for individual members within each region to come up with 2-4 action items/ideas/solution(s) for each of the survey questions/data released in the Fall 2015 Vision 2030 Report. The goal is to utilize each of the regional meetings to confirm, consolidate, and identify the items and submit them on the regional submission form. How that process proceeds forward is up to each region, however we need the submission forms completed by the end of November. Ideally, the forms should be completed shortly after the region's fall meeting.
#4 - Some of you have shared some terrific ideas and they need to be shared with your regional officers to be submitted. Regional Officers are more than welcome to take e-mail suggestions and submit them via the website so members from the region can view/edit as needed. Again, the process if flexible, but the deadline for those submissions is firm and needed by the end of November.
#5 - Once we have the submission forms from each region completed, we will organize the material and COMBINE them with the current/ongoing action plan/items from the original four sectors that remain "on the table" and are still being addressed.
#6 - Once we combine all the items in December, we will prioritize and open up for volunteers to chair, lead, address, etc... and organize the structure to implement the identified action plans/items/ideas/solutions, etc....
That is where we stand right now. The website will expand, grow as needed. For now, we need everyone to brainstorm and come up with ideas, action plans, solutions, etc... pertaining to the summer survey and share them with your regional officer team so they can be submitted.
Thank you for your time, effort, and attention regarding this process! Resources

Hello California Ag Educators

We are JudgingPro, a livestock, equine, meats, and dairy educational and instructional resource.  At our website,, we maintain 40-50 high-definition streaming classes of cattle, swine, goats, sheep, horses, meats, and dairy cattle.  Many have oral critiques.  There are also videos over specific topics, such as fat deposition in livestock, skeletal growth and maturity, and much more.  These videos are used by many University, Junior College, FFA & 4-H educators across the country.

For no cost you can quickly create a free account giving one week’s access at  When it makes sense to establish a subscription you can contact to order a one year’s subscription at a special 10% off! Contact with any questions, and I will reply as soon as possible.

Thanks for your time, and we hope our services can help you and your students.


Lincoln Welding Resources for Ag Mechanics Classrooms

Lincoln Welding provides a variety of resources for Agricultural Mechanics teachers. Please take a look at the resources below.

  1. Educator discount program - Download Flyer  - An educator login is required to order at the discounted rate.  Accounts can be set up at:
  2. Professional Development Workshops -  Information about the professional development workshops can be found at:
  3.  James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation Award Program:

A good point of contact is the office’s administrative assistant, Vicki Wilson 216-383-2240


California FFA Newsletter - Fall Issue Available

California FFA News

The official newsletter and magazine for students enrolled in an Agricultural Education program in California. Published in fall, winter, spring and early summer, the newsletter is made available to over 78,000 students, educators, administrators and supporters of Agricultural Education. Each issue has updates from the State Officer team, local program spotlights, award and CDE results, information on leadership and personal growth conferences, and details on upcoming events. [More]


CA FFA News Worksheets



Summer 2015 (word | pdf)
Spring 2015 (word | pdf)
Winter 2015 (word | pdf)
Fall 2014 (pdf)


Summer 2015 (word | pdf)
Spring 2015 (word | pdf)
Winter 2015 (word | pdf)
Fall 2014 (pdf)


2015 State Officer Chapter Visit Schedule

The State Officers are excited to get their chapter visit schedule started. They have been working on their lesson plans, and they look forward to hitting the road soon. Please take a look at the 2015-16 State Officer Chapter visit schedule and letter, along with the 2015-2018 Rotation Schedule.


Chapter Scoops - California FFA Insert

Submit your FFA Chapter Scoops and see them published in the New Horizons Magazine

Here’s how…

1. Submit a 100-150 word article about your chapter’s recent activity.

  • Please do not include members or advisors names within the article.
  • b. The article should be about an interesting/unique type of FFA activity. This is an opportunity to showcase new and innovative chapter activities.

2. Attach a GREAT quality digital photo.

  • Photos should be in color and help further explain the submitted article.
  • Photos must include members with appropriate clothing & behavior.
  • Photos must be sent as individual jpeg files.

3. Email the above information to The Subject of the email must include your chapter’s name. In the email, please include the author of the chapter scoop and title of the article.

Chapter Scoop Submission Deadlines:
Material is due by:
Tuesday, September 1, 2015
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Tuesday, March 1, 2015

* If the Chapter Scoop does not meet the above qualifications, it may not be included in the publication. Material sent after the respective due date will not be included.


Agriculture Teacher Consultant List

The provided list has been developed to serve as a resource guide for teachers. If your in the need of advice on a particular topic of agriculture education please take a look at the list to find a few experts in the field. Please also pass on to State Staff if a correction or asddition should be made to the list. [MORE - PDF Consultant List]


California FFA Gear

California FFA Gear-Now Live

The California FFA Association has partnered with Paula Maita and company out of Elk Grove, CA to offer a line apparel, bags, hats, etc with an exclusive California FFA Logo. If you are interested please CLICK HERE. The proceeds directly benefit the California FFA Association. Also if you are interested in the quality work and service Paula Maita provides, you may contact them directly for chapter specific promotional items.