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Sacramento Leadership Experience (SLE)
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California FFA’s premier capstone conference, individuals and teams are prepared to make things happen. Skills for solving problems, making decisions and accomplishing goals are developed. Students step into the role of one of California's State legislators, are assigned a specific California district and spend four days in Sacramento. SLE is all about the role of government, agricultural policy and advocacy. This conference focuses on "DO: the ability of the individual leader and team to put their vision into action.” 

Who: Top 75 Seniors
When: Four Day Event, One Conference during National FFA Week 
What: Each student will:
  • Recall the structure and three branches of government
  • Discuss Capitalism v. Socialism, Conservative and Liberal values, and Fiscal v. Social policy
  • Analyze the effect of demographics and socioeconomics on voting and policy
  • Define the steps from which a bill becomes a law
  • Research and debate critical issues in agriculture, environment, food and education
  • Create key messages and prepare for legislative visits
  • Discuss Senate and Assembly mock legislation and engage in mock lobbying
  • Move bills through the legislative process, including policy and fiscal committee hearings
  • Debate mock Bills in the State Assembly or Senate Chambers
  • Engage in reflection sessions focusing on Doing, Learning, Earning and Serving

Seniors: Legislatorum est justas leges condere      
The mottos of the California State Legislature: "it is the duty of the senators to protect the liberty of the people and of legislators to pass just laws".

This capstone event is one in a lifetime experience you will never forget! Each year California FFA hosts its premier leadership development conference where seventy-five of our top graduating senior FFA members are selected annually to step into the role of one of California’s State Legislators. Students are assigned a specific California district and spend four days in Sacramento learning about government, issues in agriculture and ethics, water and natural resources, food and nutrition, and education. At the end of the week, students have the opportunity to conduct mock legislation they have drafted during the conference on the chamber floor of the state senate or assembly.

Getting Ready for SLE      
The 2020 SLE Legislative Counselors Ramirez-Perez, Holbert, Magallón and Erath are looking forward to meeting the top 75 seniors in California FFA who will join us at SLE. In this model legislature we will explore structure of government and the economy, how and why people vote, the path of legislation, and debate bills in committee meetings and on the floor of the California Assembly and Senate. Click here to get ready for SLE. 

2020 Mock Legislation      
Environment Omnibus Bill: Environment, Water and Natural Resources
AB01-1 – Mountain Lion: Control and Management
  AB01-2 – Carbon Farming: Incentive Program
  AB01-3 – Urban Conservation and Agriculture Zoning: Incentive Program
  AB01-4 – Innovative Forest Products and Mass Timber
  AB01-5 – Water Use: State-Wide Reduction

Agriculture Omnibus Bill
Agricultural Ethics, Labor and Animal Rights
  AB02-1 – Farm Animal Confinement: Regulations
  AB02-2 – Agricultural Facilities: Tampering and Fraud
 AB02-3 – Animal Rights: Leather Products Prohibition
  AB02-4 – Immigration: Enforcement and Labor
  AB02-5 – Child Labor: 18+ for Hazardous Work

Food Omnibus BillFood, Hunger and Nutrition

  SB01-1 – Food Labeling: Genetically Engineered Food
  SB01-2 – Market Match Nutrition: Incentive Program
  SB01-3 – Food Waste: Reduction
  SB01-4 – Horse/Companion Animal: Processing for Consumption
  SB01-5 – Sweetened Beverage Tax: Children's Health Promotion Fund

Education Omnibus Bill: Education and Literacy
  SB02-1 – Pupil Supervision: Before and After School on Grounds
  SB02-2 – Graduation Requirements: Science
  SB02-3 – Graduation Requirements: Career and Technical Education
  SB02-4 – Pupil Health: School Employee Training on Youth Mental and Behavior Health 
  SB02-5 – School Facilities: Proximity to Agricultural Farms

During Sacramento Leadership Experience, 2020 students participate in a Model Legislature, where they role-play as State Senators & Assemblymembers to conduct Mock Legislation. Bills are developed for Educational Use at the Sacramento Leadership Experience conference. Some bills may emulate actual legislation.

California FFA is a state association of the National FFA Organization, a federally chartered corporation under Public Law 105–225. The National FFA Organization is a not-for-profit educational organization that is non-partisan and does not endorse or oppose any political platform, candidate or elective public office.


This conference is sponsored by the California FFA Association and the Betty Bushong Memorial Scholarship as a special project of the California FFA Foundation.


  Important Dates
Application due to State Office
Submit by TBD*

 *indicates next business day when this date occurs on weekend/holiday

Student: $350 (full)

Registration Includes
Conference materials, three night lodging (four to a room), and meals


Tentative Student Schedule

Application Questions:
Hannah Garrett

  Conference Staff
Facilitator App (docx)
Facilitator App (PDF)
Due: TBD
*or next business day when this date occurs on weekend/holiday

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Agricultural Education prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resource systems.

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